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You’ve been successful in managing your money throughout your life, but now you must think beyond that to the financial security of your survivors. Sound advice from a professional estate advisor will give you peace of mind that your money, property, and assets are properly distributed after you are gone. Carmalt DeNault & Thompson, PC. has successfully helped many individuals in and around Towanda and surrounding areas plan for the future financial security of their loved ones. Whatever your economic situation may be, it is never too early to start planning for your financial future. Why not start planning today? We can help you define your estate planning goals and provide you with the best options for your specific situation.


The starting point to any estate plan is an accurate and reasonable valuation of your assets. Whether you own a business, land or other real property, or have interests in various other investments an accurate value is crucial. Our team of CPA’s have the experience required to help you find the fair value of the assets and property you will be leaving to those you love.

Gifting, Partnerships, and Trusts

Every estate is unique and will need an individual plan designed to ensure the assets you have worked hard for are protected. While some may need a trust to hold and distribute assets after death, others may wish to start to distribute their assets before death. It is important to make these decisions early and we have the knowledge and experience to help you choose which plan best fits your unique situation.

Estate, Gift, and Partnership Returns

Choosing which estate plan best fits your needs is only the first step. Our team of CPA’s will accurately prepare all necessary tax returns to ensure your assets are transferred properly and no unnecessary tax liens are incurred.

Specify your wishes with Carmalt DeNault & Thompson, PC.

Estate planning on your own can be a daunting and confusing task. Allow Carmalt DeNault & Thompson, PC. to be of some assistance. We understand that estate planning varies from client to client, which is why we address each situation with individual care. When you engage with Carmalt DeNault & Thompson, PC., you will benefit from a team of professional estate advisors who will be with you every step of the way to organize and review your estate planning documents with your unique situation in mind. If you are in Towanda or the surrounding areas and in need of our estate planning services, please do not hesitate to contact us.