• Not for profit, Corporate, and local Government Audits
  • Compliance
  • Internal Control
  • Reviews and Compilations

Assurance that the information used to make important decisions is accurate is essential for any business. Not for profits and local governments face the added pressure of compliance with grant agreements, restrictions on usage of state and federal funds, and many other laws and regulations. At Carmalt DeNault & Thompson, PC. in Towanda and surrounding areas we work hard to strengthen our clients reporting systems, financial controls, compliance, and accuracy so that they can make the best decisions for their organization.

Services Offered at Carmalt DeNault & Thompson, PC.

Not for profit, Corporate, and Local Government Audits

An audit is not merely an expression of an opinion about your financial statements. There is significant risk of damages in any organization which can stem from error, misuse of assets, or fraudulent activity. Our team of CPA’s will work diligently to find were significant vulnerabilities and errors are or could be within your organization and assist management in finding the appropriate solutions.


Compliance requirements surrounding grant funds, donor restrictions, and applicable laws and regulations can be extensive. Our team of CPA’s have the knowledge and experience required to effectively analyze compliance and help you operate under the terms of your agreements.

Internal Control

Internal control over financial reporting is essential to prevent losses due to error or fraud. We here at Carmalt DeNault & Thompson, PC. can examine your system with an experienced outside eye and recommend necessary changes to safeguard your assets and improve reporting.

Reviews and Compilations

Our team of CPA’s at Carmalt DeNault & Thompson, PC. are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality and accurate reviewed or compiled financial statements.